Monday, October 27, 2008

Atlantic City International Airport

And we're back. Phew. That concludes the month of traveling. My dog is very happy.

Instead of dealing with the morass that is the Philadelphia International Airport, I flew in and out of Atlantic City International Airport. This was my airport of choice through college since Spirit Airlines runs a direct flight between AC and Tampa.

The airport's changed a bit since my last flight, which was probably in 2002. You used to park wherever you could for no charge (I still remember my dad parking on the grass once). Even though there's now a garage and economy parking (neither for free), the airport is much the same. It's small, quaint and charming. It's usually handling only a few flights at a time (when I flew out, ours was the only flight of the morning). My security checkpoint time was zero, and getting to and from the airport to my car via free shuttle was a breeze. I was more than happy to drive the extra distance to AC rather than deal with Philly (especially after my last flights to and from Rome). So if you can snag a flight out of AC, I'd recommend taking a look.

I'd also like to make a travel bag recommendation: the Stella McCartney Small Bowling Bag:

Sorry for the reprint of the web page, but it's the only image I could find. And before you say "you spent $350 on a bag?!" know this: it was 75 percent off through the website.

I used this as my "personal" item carry on. It has lots of roomy pockets, plus that zip section along the bottom that's perfect if you buy items along your travel ways and need a place to stash them for the flight home (my "Betty Draper" dress just fit). The sale's still going on...or you can check out new options at the Atlantic City store at the Pier Shops at Caesars.

Speaking of my dad, he and my brother appear in today's Philadelphia Inquirer in an article written by Kristen A. Graham. Those lucky ducks went to both the Eagles and Phillies games yesterday. I don't know how I'm going to concentrate today considering there *could* be a championship team in Philly tonight. Fingers crossed.

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iconjohn said...

Must keep this airport in mind next time I'm heading to Florida. It's only an hour from West Philly. Thanks

localocean said...

Jen, I agree that AC airport is the best airport within 300 miles, but do you have to tell the whole world ALL our secrets? The reason AC airport is so quaint is because we don't tell the people from Philly. Duh.