Thursday, October 2, 2008

Your Shore Weekend: Get your book on!

This Saturday is the Collingswood Book Festival. Considering I live two blocks from the festival site (and even though I was not invited to be a featured author -- harumph), I will be there. I'm at booth 88 and will be wearing my Phillies jersey.

I'll be selling (and signing) my book for the grand total of $15. Makes a great Christmas present -- or Pollyanna. Who doesn't love the shore? Plus there's a rumor going around that I might have salt water taffy at my table...

I will be joined at booth 89 by Kristen A. Graham:

She's reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Phillies fan, and author of A History of the Pennsylvania Hospital

We did not ask to be next to each other, but now that we are, I'm trying to convince her that we should build a fort. Kidding -- though her super beagle, Petey, might make an appearance.

Down at table 108 will be Terry O'Brien, Exit Zero columnist, grand master of "Terry-oke" and author of Murder-Oke! And Other Spooky Cape May Tales.

Terry wanted to set up his karaoke gear with his table, but the organizers said it could be too distracting. I agree, though it would have been fun.

The festival runs from 10am to 4pm -- LONG DAY. I will stay until I sell out of books, so if you want to make sure you get one, come early. Plus, the Collingswood Farmer's Market is open from 8am to noon, so you can get a book, some fresh Jersey foods and meet me all at the same time. Brilliant!

If you'll be down the shore this weekend, Cape May Stage is holding a "Blues and Bar-B-Que at the Barn" fundraiser on Sunday night. Check out the details here.

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kristen said...

i will bring the pillows for the fort, and petey can be guard dog. fun!