Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Shore-Related "Let's Go Phillies"

The most excellent bloggers over at The 700 Level have asked people to send in pictures of how they're prepping for the Phillies game tonight, so above is a picture of the t-shirt I'll be wearing to class tonight (making me the coolest professor ever, of course).

How is this shore related? I bought it at Antiques, Etc. in Cape May for I think under $20. One of their vendors sells NJ/PA/NY focused vintage tees. They're also responsible for the shirt I wore in my "Down the Shore with Jen" video series.

Little known fact: my father was in charge of the construction of Citizen's Bank Park, which means I have lots of Phillies gear. One of my favorites is my mouse pad, which was created before the park even had a name:

I wonder if I can wash this thing without it coming apart? I don't think I have a replacement...

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James said...

Hey Jen, as my tribute to the Phils and in honor of my son who eats, sleeps and breathes the Phillies, here is a little essay I dashed off a couple of seasons ago on his 8th birthday. One more reason why we route for a World Series win in our house.

April 23, 2006

This weekend was my Andrew's 8th birthday. Without exageration, I believe I am safe in saying that he is the world's biggest Ryan Howard fan. He became Andrew's favorite player two years ago when I took him to see the Reading Phillies and Ryan hit three home runs in three at bats one evening in July. It was quite a show.

Today, as part of Andrew's birthday celebration I took him to see his hero again getting him seats in the section right behind home plate. The game started out a little rough when Andrew's second favorite player on the team Chase Utley, the first base coach and manager Charlie Manuel all got ejected in the first inning after a disputed call at first base.

But, then came the bottom of the second inning. Ryan Howard was the first Phillie to bat that inning. As he came to the plate Andrew and I were cheering for him to hit a homer. Sure enough, on the first pitch Ryan took the ball deep to center field for a solo home run, giving the Phils the lead. Andrew was ecstatic.

The Phils went through the order again in the next two innings and Ryan Howard came striding back to the plate. Andrew said to me, "Dad wouldn't it be awesome if Ryan hit another home run?!?!" This time he didn't blast one off the first pitch. No, he waited for the second pitch and drilled this one to deep left-center field, going several rows up into the stands. Andrew and I were jumping up and down, shouting, cheering, and hollering. In other words, we were having the time of our lives.

The Marlins intentionally walked Ryan during his next at bat and the pitcher threw four into the dirt the next time he came up as well. But, none of that could take away from the excitement that Andrew had experienced during those first two at bats. It was everything a newly turned 8 year old boy could have wanted.

Not to sound cliché, but a little boy on his birthday, and his hero hitting not one, but two home runs in two opportunities at bat. Hollywood can try to make these things up, but as usual real life is always better. Go Phils!

Leah Ingram said...

Jen, when you can, post the address or website (if there is one) of that store in Cape May. I'd love to check out its vintage offerings the next time I'm down the shore--even though I'm from NY originally, I wouldn't mind seeing what they have to offer.

Safe travels!


Elizabeth Norton said...

Go Philly!!!!!

Elizabeth Norton
Motherhood Avenue