Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sights from Tampa

I'm here! It's a lovely day in Tampa, Florida, and it's Phillies phever everywhere. That's right -- Phillies. The only sign of Rays fandom was in a sign in the airport.

I just wrote up a post for about my trip over, to stay tuned there for a longer update. Until then, though, here's two pictures. The first is of the group of guys behind me on the flight. Their Phillies party started bright and early at the airport bar:

I thought they were nice, but one of them said that they'd prefer to be infamous so he was rude, crude and quite a good belcher ;-)

There are a few guys from the Double Tree in Tampa, which is where the Tampadelphians will be meeting and cheering -- an where I'll be:

That's it for now. Time to join up with the fans!

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