Monday, October 6, 2008

An Open Letter to Atlantic City Casinos

Dear Atlantic City Casinos, specifically Resorts, Trump Entertainment and the Borgata:

Hey there, how are you? I've heard you're a bit down on your luck at the moment -- aren't we all? I've also heard that you're still putting up a fight against the smoking ban that's supposed to begin in October 15.

I've been such a cheerleader for you guys. Given that my book, my blog and all of the articles I've written about the shore have promoted your attractions, I feel like you'll allow me a little room to be brutally honest: STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

There are no winners in allowing smoking to stay in casinos. Your customers lose. Your employees lose. And it keeps people like me from hanging around. Are you losing customers to Pa. and NY slots? Sure, but that's not just because they allow smoking, and, really, how many of those smokers are going to be sticking around while us non-smokers will be out there spending money and not wanting to go anywhere that remotely smells like an ashtray?

So stop with the hissy fits that delay the inevitable and make you look like morons, will you? Focus instead on making your casinos even more attractive -- like working on customer service, snazzing up your rewards programs, or getting the word out to non-smokers that you're ready to welcome them with open arms. You've done so much to get rid of your old, stale image. Get the stale air out and ban smoking for good.

Jen A. Miller

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Maryann (orchidlover) said...

I agree, there are many more people that will head to AC if they didn't have to suffer with the smoking. Its bad enough to just walk thru to the boardwalk and have to smell that horrible nicotine and smoke. I hope that they stick to it. It was passed into law, but you know how peoples tend to get away with stuff. It won't make it worse, thats for sure. Give it a go...