Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guess who's going to Italy?

My book's a world traveler! This picture was snapped from a vineyard in Tuscany. She's so cultured now...

Oh, and guess what? I'M GOING, TOO! Yes, Jersey Shore Jen is going to Italy at the end of next week. So if there ever was a time to come out and buy a book, it would be at today's Collingswood Book Festival. I promise to report back with pictures and stories and hopefully -- maybe -- finding some Verzella wine!*

*my mom's maiden name is Verzella

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Steve said...

Spero che hai una buona vacanza!

Ann Delaney said...

How exciting for you! Have a great time. I'm a huge advocate of travel- it gives us a real perspective of our country (the positives and negatives) and how similar we are to others around the world.