Monday, August 25, 2008

The Jersey Shore for the Holidays

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, about one out of every four books I sell at signings are bought as gifts. We did brisk sales for Mother's and Father's Day, and I've met a lot of people who are buying signed books now so they can give them as gifts in December.

A woman who stopped by at my Sea Isle City signing asked if she could buy books directly from me -- with personalized inscriptions -- in bulk for the holidays.

The answer, now, is yes.

Here's the deal: If you want to buy a signed copy of The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May as a holiday gift (or any other kind of gift), but either can't get to a signing or would prefer the book be sent by mail, you can buy directly from me and have the book signed with whatever inscription you want.

Stumped? Some examples:

"To Nanna: Enjoy the Shore! Jen A. Miller."
"To Mary: I hope you enjoy this book, which is about your favorite place on earth. Jen A. Miller."
"Dear Josh Duhamel: Will you marry me? Jen A. Miller."

The cost is $20 (which includes tax, shipping and handling) for the first book and $15 for each additional book sent to the same address. So if you buy one, it's $20. If you buy two, it's $35. If you buy three, it's $50. Ordering is as simple as emailing me at jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com with:

1. Your Name
2. The address where you'd like the book sent
3. What message you'd like me to sign

And you can pay me one of three:

1. Check
2. Carrier Pigeon
3. Paypal

Yes, I know this is early to be talking about the holidays (and to feature my dog in reindeer ears on the blog), but I've already started my holiday shopping, and I know the shore isn't always on the forefront of my mind at the holidays -- yes, even for me. So I figured I'd get the ball rolling while the beaches are still crowded and lifeguards are still on the stand!

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