Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Funniest. Shore. Video. Ever: The Wildwood Pretzel. Who needs a groundhog?

Ann Delaney's got her own version of the groundhog in Avalon.

Want a shore house for cheap? Here's information about foreclosures. Their site also shows "price reduced" homes -- probably an easier way to look than to drive around looking for signs.

Atlantic City's casinos have shed 2,700 jobs in the last year.

After being shut down for underage drinking, Keenan's is open again.

Rob Wilson's put up some new LBI photos.

A downtown in WEST Cape May?

Want more Golden Nugget? Here's a very cool three-part series via that mixes video shot in November with vintage reels. They also give you an idea of how difficult it would have been to revive the ride (in case it hasn't been made clear -- the Moreys didn't do this to the ride. When they bought Hunt's pier, the ride was already on it, closed):

I'm headed to Florida tomorrow -- I'm now on the board of directors for the University of Tampa Alumni Association, and we have a big meeting on Friday (it also helps that it'll be in the 70s and I scored a room on the beach for the next few days -- but it's a work trip, I swear!) So enjoy the leftover snow, people!

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Rob Wilson said...

Thanks for the plug Jen, Love the Wildwood Pretzel...very funny!