Thursday, February 12, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

The ACES train received buckets of media coverage -- including NPR and, well, me. I won't link to them all, but this is an interesting piece from Chris Shott from the New York Observer -- and a fantastic headline: "Never mind, Philly: new train rockets right to Atlantic City from Penn; rail buffs, beer drunks welcome."

Ah, but casino revenues are still down.

And Trump's casinos gets ANOTHER extension on its debt payment. And another!

YIKES Borgata! This guy is NOT happy.

Anyone else seeing snow owls down the shore?

Cape May's Chalfonte has an Abraham Lincoln connection!

Things aren't looking good for the Beach Theatre.

The victim of a hate crime in Wildwood is victimized again.

NBC40, a shore TV station, is going ahead with its digital transition this month instead of waiting until June, which is the extension Congress gave for everyone to make the switch.

Matt's got a few updates about Tri for Our Veterans.

I'd really like to know where Carol of Strathmere's Dandelion Vintage gets HER vintage clothes!

Flea market at the Cape May Airport? I'll believe it when I see it.

And in unrelated shore news: a 10-year-old spaniel won the Westminster Dog show. Emily, like many older dogs, rejoiced.

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