Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shore Houses This Summer?

Over on the ol' twitter, Amy Z. Quinn asked an excellent question: Are people doing shore houses this year?

President's Day Weekend is typically when folks would start visiting houses and choosing their summer getaways. I was also asked today by someone if I wanted to go in a house, even for a quarter share, which I'd never heard before (I've heard of half shares, sure, but quarters?)

It's one of those questions that keep popping into my head while I run -- are people going to have the money? And if they do, will they want to spend it?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts, whether your tradition is to rent a house for a week or go in with 12 of your closest friends to rent a house for the summer. Realtors, feel free to jump in, too.

I'm not sure what I'm doing -- probably what I did last year which was to bunk with friends who live down the shore full time plus a few weekends at Avalon Campground plus many many trips in between. I hope to take Emily back to Cape May in the fall, but between a friend's October wedding in Maine and my sister's wedding in November, I don't know if it'll happen. So we'll see.

But what about you?

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