Friday, February 6, 2009

So Where Y'all From?

Quick hello from the Tampa area! Hope the Jersey Shore's treating you well.

Since yesterday, this blog has been getting about 15 times more hits than usual, and I can't figure out why (Google analytics hasn't shed any light on the situation, either).

So where'd you guys hear about "Down the Shore with Jen" ? Heck, even if you're a regular reader, feel free to drop a note in the comments and tell me how you found the blog. This whole thing's got me curious!

It's nice here in Florida, but it was incredibly cold for a while -- even getting down into the 20s last night. I know I dealt with colder temperatures in NJ, but Floridians aren't used to this brutal cold -- and neither are many of the tourists who didn't check the forecast. I'm glad I brought my winter coat and a fleece hoodie. Should be in the 70s tomorrow (and, yes mom, I do have my sunscreen!)

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Rob Wilson said...

I found your blog on Twitter! I searched for New Jersey Shore tweets and you came right up! That's great you are generating that much traffic the last few days!.

Vannie Ryanes said...

I think I read an article by you in Edible Jersey magazine.