Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vote, and I'M ON A BOAT!

New Jersey Monthly's working on its 26th annual Reader's Choice Restaurant Poll. Want to vote for your favorites? Click here. (I can't vote since I work for them, so it's up to you to get South Jersey and Shore restaurants on that list!)

In other news, this was totally my idea for a "Down the Shore with Jen" 2009 video -- T-Pain included (video has curses though they are bleeped out)

I kid. I hadn't actually thought about doing a "Down the Shore with Jen" 2009 video series until I watched this video. I'm not sure what I'd cover this year -- here's the 2008 set.

If you could "direct" the series, what would you like to see? (Remember: This is a PG BLOG PEOPLE!)

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1 comment:

Cavalier92 said...

I had all kinds of suggestions right up until your last sentence.