Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cape May Day

I know this post is late -- a week late -- but I lost the little do hickey that lets me upload photos from my camera to my computer. How did I lose it? By cleaning my desk, so it wasn't on the desk but tucked away somewhere that would make sense to an organizer but not to me.

Anyway...I was in Cape May last Thursday and Friday for work, and got the chance to check out the new Sea Spa at Congress Hall. How fun and sunny does this look?

I only had time for a half hour massage, but it was nice. Last Thursday was also the 20th anniversary of the Virginia (yes, owned by the same company). Here's a picture of owner Curtis Bashaw making a speech before the crowd that tucked itself into the lobby:

I've never stayed at the Virginia, but it's where my dad and step mom stayed when they got married in Cape May, and their plan is return every year on their anniversary.

I *did* however, much to the jealousy of local foodies, have dinner in the Ebbitt Room, the restaurant at the Virginia. Why would foodies be jealous? Because I sampled the new menu of the new chef, Lucas Manteca, former of Sea Salt in Stone Harbor. This was big news in the local food scene. To me? I'm no foodie know what tastes good, and the dinner was wonderful.

Too bad the weather stunk last week, but I did grab these shots of Cape May in the mist after dinner:

And then there's this:

I was feeling restless after dinner, so I checked out "Are You Smarter Than a Bartender?" at Cabanas -- it's a version of quizzo.

Cabanas is the bar downstairs of Martini Beach, one of the pieces featured in that New York Times piece I wrote about upscale bars. It was a rowdy crowd for a Thursday night, and I'd guess the average age to be 23 or 24. I spent most of the night chatting to a nice young man, 22 years old, who came out that night to play wingman for his friend. His girlfriend is 20 and couldn't come to the bar. I ended up giving him some career counseling, and while we were talking about where else he could work that summer, the body shots started not far from where we sat. And, no, that's not me. Come on now.

It was a fun night, but I was sluggish the next day. Not 22 anymore, I guess ;-) We'll see how I hold up at the opening of Dusk tomorrow night.

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