Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day Trippin'

I've been working on my notes for tomorrow's appearance on NBC10 (sometime between 5:30 and 6pm!), and as comes up any time I researching good deals down the shore, the concept of "day trippers" comes up. Everyone's trying to guess what the shore season will be (better because of the recession as people stay close to home? or worse?), and a lot of focus has been put on day trippers. Plus, yesterday this guy was tweeting from an Ocean City day trip (he tried to convince me to skip work and come down the shore...but that is my work!)

The Chelsea is playing off the daytrippers and offering a special day-cation package through June 26. For $99 to $109 per person, you get 50-minute signature Swedish massage at Sea Spa, access to The Solarium (a hydro-therapy room featuring a clover shaped Jacuzzi surrounded by heated stone floors, heated stone benches, and plush, cushioned loungers, sauna and steam room, and salt water pool with sundecks), and a two-course dinner at Teplitzky’s with complimentary mocktail.

Two things to know, though: This package does NOT include overnight stay (which I thought it did first time I saw it), and is not avaiable on Saturdays.

Do you day trip? If so, where do you go? Is the drive back and forth onerous?

I day trip all the time, though it's more "drive to work meetings and back" now -- when I was as teenager and in my early 20s, I go down in the morning, sit on the beach, then drive home. Atlantic City is only 45 minutes away from my house -- not bad when you consider that one summer during college I commuted an hour back and forth to a secretary job.

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Philadelphia Photographer said...

Thanks for the shout out !

My biggest tip to newbie daytrippers - you're going to be out in the sun longer than if you had a beach front house to retreat to.

This may seem obvious, but SPF 4 is not good enough.

If you do get nasty burnt like I did, drink lots of water/ gatorade, take some advil and later yourself up with lotion.

Also do your best to shower off as much (if not all of the sand) as possible because what sand is left on your body will make your bedsheets feel like sandpaper against your charred remains.

Anonymous said...


I think I'm going to re-run your shore bargains guest post from last year sometime in the next week. Do you have anything to update it given this post on day tripping (which makes me think of The Beatles)?


Jen A. Miller said...

Thanks, Leah! (and that was the headline inspiration). I'm going to talk about free entertainment today on the NBC 10 show -- lots of free concerts and shows down the shore!