Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

I'm not a big drinker, but once I got to Cape May on Thursday afternoon and had to wait a bit for my room at Congress Hall to be ready, I figured why not grab a drink? It was rainy and gross out, and it was 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

So I went to the Brown Room and ordered up a bloody mary (or, er, two. If I looked a little wobbly Thursday afternoon, it's because I didn't realize those suckers are strong, and given that I don't drink a lot, my tolerance was a smidge overpowered). I've had this bloody mary a few times before -- it's the same one served at the Blue Pig Tavern and the Chelsea (though the version at the Chelsea came with celery).

I've been doing an informal taste testing of versions of the drink since May, including in Key West, and this is my favorite so far (worst was at Flames in Atlantic City). If you were to choose your favorite shore bar drink, excluding any beer specials, what drink is it and where? Hit up the comments.

Speaking of the Chelsa, I'm going to be in AC on Friday night for the preview party for Dusk, a new nightclub at Caesars (with a weird movie thingie online now). Because we figure there will be drinks involved, me and Bill are staying overnight at the Chelsea again.

Why there? For $118 on a summer Friday night, why not? Rooms at Caesars are sold out. The best I could find elsewhere is all over $200. Plus we're actually going to bring bathing suits this time and try to snag seats for the pool party or a cabana on the beach on Saturday since the sun is FINALLY out. I'll report back on Monday -- on both Dusk and the pool party.

And I didn't forget about the music contest. Still waiting for the band to pick the winners ;-)

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Matt P. said...


Let's Shop NJ said...

The martini menu at the Engleside Inn in Beach Haven

Shann said...

I'm with Matt on this one. 302s at Braca's in Sea Isle City are my favorite (though more for 'getting the job done' than for taste). The strawberry banana flavor is a must :)

A close second would be the mojitos at The Inlet in Somers Point. Maybe it was just the one bartender, but it was easily the best mojito I've ever had.

That pic alone inspires me to get down to Cape May this wknd!

Adam said...

Love the snug little piano bar at Dock's Oyster House in AC. Glass of Prosecco and a dozen Cape May salts shucked right there in front of you... Perfect summer night.

JB311 said...

Frozen Rum Runners at Secrets Ocean City Maryland. You were probably looking for Jersey shore but going to Secrets by boat is such fun. And these drinks are very reasonably priced too. Only wish they had one in New Jersey.