Tuesday, June 30, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

The Atlantic City Expressway might go EZpass only. Funny connection: my former dentist is interviewed in that article.

RIP Billy Mays, who started out in the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

AC hits back at Pennsylvania casinos trying to steal their business (insider baseball note: why is this an AP story and not reported by the paper itself? I've heard rumblings of a Pa. casino bias at the paper, and even I've scratched my head over the slant of some of the AC casino coverage. Hmm...) Here's the Press of Atlantic City's take on the same story.

Here's info on West Cape May's farmer's market.

Wetlands are for wildlife, not cars.

And items in store are for the shelf, not for stealing.

Drinking and boating do not mix.

Well, this is an interesting development in the Sandcastle Park in Ocean City. They replaced the wood with plastic. I remember when it first opened. Seemed a short time to deem an entire replacement necessary. Maybe the wood was splintering?

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Anonymous said...

ok wait a sec here!! that is so wrong about that stolen bike on ebay. can't the real owner stop the auction??

Jen A. Miller said...

Her sister called the Ocean City police department, and I'm waiting to hear back on how that went. She can also report the item as stolen to ebay. I'll keep everyone updated!