Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beach Day

Yesterday, I took the day off and spent all day with my butt in a beach chair in North Wildwood. It was glorious -- a perfect beach day. I swam, I tanned, I frolicked -- yes, FROLICKED in the waves. Then I lounged around a beach-front pool. It's the kind of days that I enjoyed while a kid down the shore. I didn't want to leave. I considered chucking today's work out the window and doing it again, but a gal's gotta work to keep that dog in fancy kibble.

After the beach day, I headed to Atlantic City to volunteer for the Tropicana's Taste of the Quarter, which benefits the United Way. And, yes, I wore a funny hat.

I didn't cook anything, just handed out samples of The Palm's Gigi salad: tomatoes, onions, green beans, bacon and shrimp.

Great day. Really great day. I'll be back down the shore next week for work. Maybe I'll take a few beach hours after work's done. Yesterday proved that salt water really is healing.

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John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Nice hat. It would have been hard to keep a straight face if you served us with that hat. ;) - John

Jen A. Miller said...

It WAS a ridiculous hat, but no one sent food back to the kitchen :-)

Margaret said...

Yes, I love the rejuvenating power of a beach day.