Sunday, August 16, 2009


What a summer! This hasn't exactly been the Summer 'o Jen. I've had surgery that took longer to recover from than expected, learned that my boyfriend is moving because of a job transfer, and last night had a massive allergy attack due to a friend's cat.

But I woke up early this morning and drove to Beach Haven to do an interview for a new-to-me magazine, my eyes still puffy and red from the allergy attack the night before. I'd been invited to stay and hang out on the beach, but my face was such in bad shape and I'd slept so poorly, that I knew I'd be no good beach company.

So I turned right around and headed home. I don't use the Atlantic City Expressway to get to LBI. I drive Route 70 to Route 72 right into town. It's one of the reasons why I think people split LBI from Atlantic City south. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you get there a different way (a way that reminds of me going to Girl Scout Camp because my camp is out that way). It's one loooong skinny island.

I like the drive through, which is mostly through the woods. I stopped at the Red Lion Diner on the way back and had a damn good sandwich (But no pickle. Is that normal?) Over that BLT, I looked back on the summer. I feel like I've missed most of it. Maybe it's because I was down there so much working this spring, or because surgery kept me home. I've had a lot of work to do around this area, too (like this piece I did for the New York Times about the Michael Vick signing). My brother got married in June, and my sister is getting married in November, so there's lots to do around home base. As each day of August slips by, I wonder where the summer's gone and if I'll get any good time on the beach (ON the beach, not near it or around it or running on it).

I've realized something else, too: I always hit this funk in deep August. Maybe it's the heat and humidity. Maybe it's every other editor being out of office while I'm slaving away (or trying to -- they can't assign if they're on vacation). That's probably why I look forward to September when the weather dips and everyone seems to be back in working form to meet back up with me.

I hope to spend some time in Cape May in September. I don't think I'll do a vacation this year since I'm saving my pennies to visit Bill in his new home. I love the shore in the fall -- it's my favorite season -- but I want one day, just one day, to sit in a beach chair in the sun and splash around in the water. It seems like such a simple thing...I guess I'll have to make that happen!

P.S. I start training for the Philadelphia Half Marathon next Monday. If you're training, too, let me know!

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John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Come visit us next month, after the crowds have gone and the beaches become free again. We'll take care of you. - John

Mark said...


As a fan of your blog and your journalism (I'm the guy at, I just wanted to tell you to keep a stiff upper lip... as Springsteen might say.... 'just around the corner to the light of day!' You were published in the NY Times just a few months ago...that's a heck of an accomplishment, and something to be proud of.