Tuesday, August 18, 2009

September Shore

Since I wrote about getting away down the shore in September, it seems that every other shore-related email I get says "Hey! It's great down here in September!"

Well, duh. Because it is. The crowds are still there but smaller. With kids on school, even those families with shore homes don't come down as often. The weather is usually warm, sometimes with lower humidity (though my Cape May trip last year involved a heat wave -- BOO).

Best part? The prices. They drop. They're not as low as during the proper off season, but if you're looking to get away for less when it still feels like summer, September is it.

A lot of rentals open up for just weekends, too -- in season, most are strictly Saturday to Saturday (and can you blame them since demand is high?) Example: this bay-front rental in Beach Haven West, right outside of LBI, drops its prices in September by 25% and books long weekends, which they won't do in season. They'll drop prices even lower in October.

So if you're looking for a fall getaway, now's the time to take a peek.

Speaking of LBI, I wrote about the Red Lion diner, where I stopped on Sunday on my drive home, for NJmonthly.com. I can't tell you how happy I was to find a good meal in a good diner on Sunday. Really lifted my mood.

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CausewayView.com said...

Thanks for the post Jen! And to further say thanks to your readers, if anyone tells us about reading your blog when they contact us at http://www.causewayview.com we'll give an even bigger discount. How about $250 per night in September for a minimum 3 night weekend get away? That's for a whole bay front home, not a hotel room, a seriously sweet deal IMHO.

Thanks again and hit the shore! It is great this time of year.