Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

More bad news when it comes to casino revenue.

More celebrities in Cape May, blah blah blah. Anyone know where those weekly potato sack races are?

Speaking of celebrities -- "not really" category -- I'm going to be a "celebrity" chef at the Tropicana's "Taste of the Quarter" on August 24, which benefits the United Way. I'm not cooking (that might be illegal), but serving samples from the Palm from 7 to 7:30pm. Please come out and support the United Way. Please don't spill on me.

Again in the "not really" celebrity category: Playboy is looking for bunnies in Atlantic City.

Murder-Oke hits the stage!

I really wonder how long Ocean City can keep it's "dry dry dry" stance. I live in a dry town, but with a thriving BYOB scene. I think it would help Ocean City's bland dining scene.

Here's someone else's report on the Sea Isle City 10 mile island run -- without all the crying and vomiting. And I'm not the only one who was challenged by this run. Here's what our "Joy Runner" had to say.

Take a look inside Revel, the under-construction casino.

Bet you didn't know this about Stone Harbor.

More smiling out of towners!

And -- hey hey! -- I got to write about peaches for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Yummy.

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scott neumyer said...

There's also been a Dateline TV Special about the Stone Harbor murder...

Mark said...

I'm not so sure letting OCNJ restaurants serve alcohol would be a net profit for the city or its businesses.

For all the visitors you'd attract, I think you'd lose families that come to OCNJ because it's dry. Like my family.

I rarely go without a beer or two during dinner - especially when I eat out - but I'm willing to give that up for a more peaceful week at the beach.

That said, I think OCNJ could get away with BYOB without attracting the crazies or losing the families.

Jen A. Miller said...

Mark: I don't think restaurants serving alcohol will ever come to Ocean City, and I don't think they should. As you said, it would tamper with the family friendly image. But I think allowing BYOBs would help the city. Sorry if my point wasn't clear.

People might be willing to go without a beer or two during dinner, but most restauranteurs will not even consider Ocean City because of they don't allow BYOB. I think it's a big reason that the dining scene is so limited (and the Inlet in Somers Point so crowded).


Stephen J. Barron, Jr. said...

Dear Jen,

Don't know how you found my blog, but thanks for linking my story to your website. Glad you enjoyed it. My wife and kids are in Stone Harbor right now. We try to get down there for a week yearly. This year my wife could do two weeks to we took advantage.

Thanks again. Happy to have ya as a reader!

Stephen J. Barron, Jr.

P.S. Love your blog!