Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Captain Bill Gallagher 10 Mile Island Run

Hey runners! Big race this weekend. The Captain Bill Gallagher 10 Mile Island Run takes place this Saturday with a start time of 5:30 p.m.

This is not my kind of race -- mid-summer, start time early evening, and partly on sand. I thought about throwing my hat in the ring and just dealing with the Jen-unfriendly conditions, but I'm slow in coming back from surgery (3 miles yesterday -- whee!) I will probably be at the race, though, and cheering runners across the finish line.

So who else is going?

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NJShoreRun said...

Love this race! The unfavorable conditions make this a great race- I'll be there!

My race review:
One of my Favorite races is the Sea Isle City 10 Mile Island Run: Probably the largest single race in the tri-county area boasting over 1200 participants, run in the heat of the summer in August at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The unique course is 3 miles on the promenade and 7 miles on the beach including two treks across the soft sand from the promenade to the hard pack sand by the water. You may even have to hurdle a few bulkheads along the beach depending on the sand situation. Held in conjunction with national family night out, this race has some of the most spectators I've seen at a local event lining nearly the entire course. Despite the heat, no chip timing, lack of awards, and sand in your shoes- this is definately the hardest race you'll have the most fun running. After the race, cool down with a post race beverage at some of the coolest night spots at the Jersey Shore.