Wednesday, August 26, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Last week, we had a bunny. This week? A PONY!

Home prices in Cape May County are still down.

Congrats, Wildwood.

Fun story related to this. I went to college in Florida, and someone there asked me what my father did. I told him that he worked in construction. The guy, a big burly frat guy who we thought might or might not be on steroids, said, "You're from Jersey, right?" I nodded. "And your mother's Italian?" I nodded again, and his face went pale. "Remind me not to piss you off. " I called my dad to ask why, he said that construction companies in Atlantic City, especially those that built casinos, traditionally had close ties to the mob (his company is based in Pennsylvania). Then he told me to let the guy believe what he wanted to believe. This is also the dad who said he'd buy me five pairs of overalls for the summer I worked as a secretary in a jobsite trailer because he didn't want guys whistling at me. (Dad, I know you're reading -- it's still a good story).

Sad that a house like this is being torn down in Stone Harbor. I don't even want to think of what possibly gawdy "my second home is bigger than your first home will ever be" structure is going up in its place.

The Wildwood boardwalk wood controversy still isn't settled. I wrote about it for New Jersey Monthly this year...a lot of testy folks on both sides of the argument.

And finally this one's NSFW exactly, but funny.

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Karen Stoner, CMT, CPMT, CIMTI said...

The mob story makes me chuckle and really hits home. My office manager's husband gave me a very similar reaction - me being from New Jersey, Italian, and in a Construction family. He is always sending me mob-related comics and cracking jokes about "swimming with the fishies". At least I guess I can give him a good scare if he ever ticks me off.

Lora said...

oh no! I'm so embarrassed that I'm NSFW!

But thank you for the link, and I'm glad you linked to me so I could find your blog. It makes me wish it was summer again!
Your pictures are gorgeous!