Sunday, August 30, 2009

Down in DC

I had a great time catching some down time in DC since Thursday. I didn't want to come back. My brain and body are tired, but I have deadlines stacking up in September, so that vacation will have to wait for fall.

But the time I did have was a blast. I went to DC on strict orders of R&R. I visited with a lot of old friends -- some who I hadn't seen in three years -- and spent time with my brother and sister in law. On Friday, I just wandered. I brought my camera with me everywhere I went. I interned in DC in 2000, and I never took pictures of things that I thought were interesting, like the Metro and Union Station. They are marvels. So here's what I photographed:

This last picture has a funny story behind it. I went to DC on this particular weekend because my college roommate and sorority "big sister" was in town. So I hung out with her while she wasn't in conference sessions. On Saturday night, we had dinner at Bistro Bis (thank you, DC restaurant week!) We took a cab back to the hotel, but while stuck in traffic, an obnoxiously drunk woman decided she needed to get in the cab with us. Her rants were along the lines of Mel Gibson -- NO LIE. The cabbie didn't know what to do, but me and Crissy figured she wasn't a real threat aside from the cigarette she tried to light, and she was dead against getting out of the cab, so she rode with us to the hotel, then the poor cabbie had to drive her to Virginia. The bellmen at our hotel must have thought that WE were the obnoxious drunks because Crissy and I laughed so hard that we couldn't walk.

The wandering did me good. I had a chance to visit the renovated Nation Portrait Gallery, actually take a tour at the Folger Shakespeare Library rather than just wander around, and stuck my feet in the National Gallery of Art sculpture gallery fountain. I strolled down to Adam's Morgan, ran through Rock Creek Park and got caught in the rain on U Street. It was a random and completely relaxing trip.

It's a great city, and one I almost moved to before buying my Jersey house. It's great in the fall, too. With Much Ado About Nothing being put on by the Folger this fall? I think I'll be back soon.

Back to the grindstone -- I'll be in Cape May on Wednesday to work on a story. I'm curious what the crowds will be. Even though we haven't gotten to Labor Day yet, a lot of schools open on Wednesday. Plus, the weatherman says it's going to be a cooler week. Thank goodness. I might be the "shore" person, but I'm no fan of humidity. Welcome, fall. It's about time!

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