Sunday, October 18, 2009

Born to Run

The Running Tillies sure ran. The question is -- how fast?

By our calculations, our two-man relay team finished the Asbury Park Relay Marathon in about 3:40. But according to the first results we're seeing, we've been assigned a 4:22:50, and another team got 3:41.

At 4:22, I'd already eaten two bananas, changed, and was looking for a beer. I was our last runner. The splits don't line up at all. If it was a small amount of time that was off, I wouldn't care. But that's 40 minutes. So we're going to see what's what.

Why's it matter? For finishing the marathon, you get a paperweight engraved with your team and time (it'll be mailed in a few weeks), so it'd be nice to have the right time. Also, 3:41 would put us in third place for a co-ed marathon team. Not bad when you've only got two runners.

Whatever the official time, it was a grueling race. The cold and rain didn't help, but it was nothing compared to those 30mph wind gusts. On one turn, it literally grabbed my first and told it to head westward. Not fun.

I'm tired, and up only because of the Phillies game. I took a lot of pictures, so I'll post them soon.

Until then -- I'm seeing Bruce Springsteen tomorrow night. Can you guess what marathon relay t-shirt I'm wearing?

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Anonymous said...

Love the medal. It's a keeper!