Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Winners! Turns out that there was a mix up with the timing chip, and the Running Tillies *DID* come in third place for the co-ed relay on Sunday at the Asbury Park Relay Marathon. Official team time: 3:41:00. Woo hoo!

Running with me in that picture is Brian Devers, who finished his first marathon on Sunday. Congrats, Brian!

I'm surprised at how un-sore my legs were yesterday, which was great news since I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert last night and barely sat down for three hours. He played the Born to Run album from start to finish -- perfect since it's largely about Asbury Park and I listened to the album before running my loops on Sunday.

Great show. I was one PATCO stop away from seeing the last swing of the Phillies game, but that's OK. The Boss was worth it (though I think I have a few decades of Spectrum slime on my shoes now).

Now: I'm off to DC for a few days. I'm not even unpacked from Sunday, but I'll be ready. I think someone doesn't want to see me go. She opened up my gym bag for this one:

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FLYERS26 said...

It was nice to meet you at the APRM.
Hopefully we'll get the chance to run again. I'll be at Philly, running the full.

Mary Lebeau said...

Hey Jen,

I was at the BTR show too (in fact, I went to three of the four shows...no surprise, huh?). We were just down the aisle from Joe Torre...hee.