Monday, October 12, 2009

Bachelorette Madness

I know I said I was taking a break, but here's a few notes from my sister's Atlantic City bachelorette party since, well, it happened, and I made it out alive:

1. We had dinner at the House of Blues at the Showboat. Fantastic idea -- lots of options on the menus, everyone seemed to like their food, and we had plenty of space for our party of 10 without having to be shut into a special room. Great service, very accommodating, reasonable pricing (we paid $32 a person, including tax, tip, drinks and we all chipped in to pay for my sister's meal), and my sister even sat in what looked like a throne chair.

2. After dinner, we went to Boogie Nights at Resorts. The party was fun, but if you are to do a special event there, DO NOT BUY ONE OF THE SPECIAL PACKAGES. Here's why:

-It's supposed to get you past the line. We waited in line for about 20 minutes.
-I booked the party for 12 people. I was told that they'd only accomidate 10, and charged us for the extras.
-I was charged a mandatory gratuity for someone who opened 2 champagne bottles and put out two trays of chocolate covered strawberries. I should be so lucky to get $60+ for so little work.
-For a group that dropped a few hundred dollars on that party, the staff was incredibly rude.

Like I said, I like the party. My sister had fun. But if I book a group in there again, I'll skip the special fees to wait in line and be treated like crap (sorry, Marples, for the language).

3. Because it was a holiday weekend, and because I tried desperately to keep the costs down, we stayed at the Sheraton, a non-casino hotel. This seemed to be a good option for our group, which ranged in ages from early 20s to card carrying AARP members. It didn't have that frantic energy that I sometimes feel in casino hotels, and we saw a lot of other bachelor/bachelorette parties staying there. I am so glad that the Miss America Memorabilia is still there -- my mom and I had lots of fun looking at the old dresses and shoes. I would totally wear this today:

So that's that. I did have fun despite the rudeness at Boogie Nights, and I'm glad I felt well enough to go.

As for what's next, I might be a late add to a team for the Asbury Park Relay Marathon on Sunday (Come on, organizers. Plllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaasssssssseeeeeeeee let me in), which I think would be a lot of fun. I've never run a relay before, even if our team has pledged not to run this race super fast since we're all training for something else. Anyone else going to be there?

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