Monday, October 19, 2009

Running Photos

Tillie! Lots of Tillies yesterday, from the medals to pumpkins to, of course, the Wonderbar. I ran the marathon in a relay team -- I did the last 10.1 miles, so I had some time to snap pictures.

The marathon was eight loops through Asbury Park, and part of the course was inside Convention Hall. It was also where we finished.

Here are a few pics from Sunday's relay marathon.

Rain much?


Strong finish.

Know the worst time to take someone's picture? After she's run 10.1 miles in a beach storm:

After the race, we went to the Wonderbar. Oh my God, what a great idea -- the cheeseburger was PERFECT. And even though I still think Congress Hall has the best bloody marys at the Jersey Shore, for a beer bar? The Wonderbar does a great job.

The only black mark on the day? The staff at Bird, a shop in Convention Hall. Guys, there was absolutely no reason for you to be rude to the runners. We did not, as you said, put you out of business for the day. YOU put yourself out of business for the day. The Asbury Park Relay Marathon brought 700+ runners and their family and friends to Convention Hall and your doorstep on a cold, rainy, windy day in October. Where else were you going to get that foot traffic on an abysmal day? Yelling at us was uncalled for, and won you no customers where you might have picked up a few that day.

Anyway, despite the crud weather and being yelled at by a shop keeper, I had a great time and am happy with my times. If I can run through that kind of weather, I should be fine during the Philadelphia Half Marathon. I'm feeling better than I thought I would today. My legs aren't that achey, and my hip, which has been giving me problems, feels fine. I'm ready for the Boss concert tonight -- born to run!

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Brian said...

Thank for the pics Jen...and I completely agree with you about the Wonder Burger.

Anonymous said...

As many times as I've been to the Wonder Bar, I've never had the burger. You're not the first person to say how good it is either. I need to check this out! On a side note, you should check out the Wonder Bar Friday night. The Gas House Gorillas are playing - they are a great rockabilly/swing band! If you're there I'll buy ya a beer!

Jen A. Miller said...

Aw, I wish I could go tonight, but I just got back from DC and am wiped!