Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cookies & Beer?

While on vacation in Sea Isle last month, I was introduced to something that sounds like it would be disgusting: cookies with beer - Entenmann's soft chocolate chip cookies with Yeungling, to be precise. While this pairing doesn't necessarily need to be eaten together down the shore, I was told that something about the salt air (and probably being on vacation) makes this combination taste even better.

Weird, right? But you know what? It's true.

A chocolate chip cookie with a beer shouldn't work, but it does. I can't even explain why. And even though I enjoyed a combo last night of homemade chocolate chip cookie with a Pabst, something about the founding pairing and ocean breezes makes it worthy of beach snack standard status.*

Anyone else ever try this? Or have a weird beach snack that they'd like to share? I'm partial to goldfish crackers and plums.

*This post does not condone drinking alcohol on the beach. I'd never do that. Right.....

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Mike S. said...

Jen ,, I have done this on many occasions. Glad to see others do too! On a side not, I was impressed you had a PBR!!

Anonymous said...

try mixing a shot of jack with your next beer.

Anonymous said...

chocolate covered pretzels and beer on the porch is our OCNJ tradition