Monday, August 23, 2010

Man Vs. Food at the Jersey Shore

The Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food is at the Jersey Shore in the episode airing on Wednesday night. They visit three spots at the North Jersey Shore. While I don't mean to bash our northern brothers, I'm annoyed.

This pizza segment is so flat. Yes, those beaches are closer to New York, but they couldn't consider coming to Mac & Mancos to watch pizzas flying around the store and being sauced by the sauce hose? Or down to Wildwood for a Mack's vs. Sam's smack down?

I'm sure the pizza place they visited is great, but it just didn't seem as special or even visually interesting as what we've got down here.

Small quibble. There's some nice stuff in here - the Chicken or the Egg segment is great, and I learned that the kind of pizza we eat down the shore is called Trenton style pizza. I should be happy that they did a nice spot about our beaches. We'll be getting plenty of coverage on next season's Diners, Drive Ins and Dives as Guy Fieri was just filming at George's in Cape May and Quahogs in Stone Harbor.

But, hey, they asked my opinion. Let me know what you think when it airs on Wednesday. Here's a preview.

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