Wednesday, August 4, 2010

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Things aren't looking good for the Borgata these days.

STILL with Convention Hall in Cape May.

Did you know there was a lighthouse in Sea Isle? I did, but only because it would be pointed out to me every weekend last summer on the way to the bar. It's not a lighthouse as you'd think of one, but some folks tried to save it. Apparently, they failed.

Rumor is true: Stockton is buying Seaview.

I scratched my head when I heard this one on NPR. NOTHING about the state takeover of part of Atlantic City? And a glancing mention to corruption?

After getting yelled at by a biker on the Wildwood boardwalk - while I was standing in a non-biking lane - I have to agree with North Wildwood on this one.

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