Monday, February 28, 2011

Avalon's Marble House - again

In 2009, I wrote about how the Marble House in Avalon - aka a monstrosity made of marble down the shore - was up for sale for $12,900,000.

According to Ann Delaney, it's for sale again - at $7,500,000.

I don't understand who will buy this house! And apparently no one else did either for the price to drop that much (with one price stop in between, apparently).

The place always bothered me. Who builds a marble house down the shore? Even as houses ballooned to more opulent and expansive (and kinda of gross) mega-mansions - thus destroying the charm of beach town living in Avalon and Stone Harbor - THIS one house in particular bothered me.

Still does.

**UPDATE** Ann just posted the listing in the comments. Click here for more.

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Ann Delaney said...

To view interior and exterior pictures from the Multiple Listing Service:

The house has a corporate feel- best suited for entertaining. Can't imagine kids in wet bathing suits here! :)

caite said...

it does have a great view...

iconjohn said...

Take that same money and retire in Costa Rica with better weather all year round.

Anonymous said...

It has a great view because the owners removed the sand dunes. Isn't that against the law?