Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skirt of the Summer

I'm headed to Florida in a few weeks and went hunting for some new casual skirts (I'm SO OVER shorts, which is why) and found this skirt from Athleta:

I liked it so much that I bought it in another color, and I'm seriously contemplating getting one more.

The fabric is light but not flimsy - and it's made of wicking material. It has a zip pouch in the back. Best of all? It's very flattering. If you see me down the shore this summer when I'm not on the beach, I'll probably be wearing one of these skirts.

Here I am wearing the skirt (in another color) on Saturday. It's really not that short - hits just above the knees:

I'm still on the hunt for book launch party dresses, BTW. I'm scouring vintage sites hoping for something truly unique. Nothing yet...though if the party was going to be in AC, this would be tempting.

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Grovite said...

Not a joke: I love the old style lawn chair sitting in the living room!

Jen A. Miller said...

Oh, there's a story to that! I had a few people over this weekend. At a Super Bowl party, there was a lawn chair in the living room. So I returned the favor. I bought it at a yard sale. Has a match, too.

caite said...

love that must get it!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your shoes? They look cute with that skirt! I recently bought the "gatsby" skirt from Athleta, and I love it!

Jen A. Miller said...

The shoes were from the REI outlet site - they're Northface. But no longer available :-(

Anonymous said...

I have that exact same chair! I bought it at a thrift shop in Cape May County - score!