Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage Vantage

I should write about clothes more often.

A bunch of you got in touch with me about yesterday's post about what I chose as skirt of the summer, and about the little blurb at the bottom about my vintage dress hunt. It was cute, but not quite right. This is:

This is a 1960s mod dress that I bought yesterday from Couture Allure, a FANTABULOUS vintage site that's based out of Boston. I contacted the owner a few months ago telling her what I was looking for with my sizes. This is actually my third purchase from her, but the first that had "summer" in mind. She posted the preview picture on Facebook yesterday and I stalked the site, waiting for details and price to go online. She beat me to it, and emailed me as soon as the dress was available.

Finding good vintage can be hard. There's a lot out there, but finding what you want, from the right time period and in good condition AND sized right - well, I'm glad I had someone else looking out for me.

I'm still looking for more. I think this is more TV dress than book party, but wherever I wear it - won't that be fun? I'll be in Tampa (TWICE!) in March, and will have to take a vintage break.

I'm starting to get excited for the book to come out, folks. Won't be long...

P.S. If you also love vintage, check out this book. It's a fun book - it'll be perfect for beach reading this summer.

P.S.S. I completely expect to see someone walking down Dune Drive in Avalon in this.

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puddin said...

Thanks, Jen. The site is my daughters, and I'm very proud of her!!