Friday, February 25, 2011

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

THE BEES! (love the cartoon, by the way).

Winners from the Sea Isle Polar Plunge.

And here's some pictures!

The Mad Batter in Cape May is having an Oscar party.

I didn't know Sea Isle had a taxpayer's association...

Bye bye beach pipes!

In my news: book edits are done. Wheee!

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Justin Gaynor said...

Nooooooo I love the Stone Harbor beach pipes :( They give the beach a very distinct look. I have hundreds of photos with those pipes in them (

Jen A. Miller said...

Yeah I thought about that, and there's a shot of them in the book (Scott's). But I'm leaving it in. Might as well.

Still, in the long run, it's better to get them out of there. They are hazardous...

Ann Delaney said...

Yes, the "beach hurdles" are distinct to Stone Harbor, but the rusty pipes scratch when you mis-judge the leap! The beaches will look wider and a good thing.