Friday, February 11, 2011

Hottenstein family sues...everyone

With Polar Plunge weekend comes the sad reminder that, in 2009, 35-year old Tracy Hottenstein died that weekend, apparently for extreme hypothermia coupled with intoxication.

Her death was ruled and accident, and having read the reports and seeing where she died, that seems like exactly what it was.

But now her parents are suing:

The City of Sea Isle
The bars where she was at that night
The people who hosted her for dinner that night
And the last person they believe saw her alive

In total, 19 people are named in the suit.

It's a very sad thing to happen, and I cannot image what her parents are going through, but this is not the answer. She was a grown woman. The city of Sea Isle is not responsible for her death, I believe.

Thoughts? I have a feeling I'll get yelled at for saying this.

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Cavalier92 said...

I saw this and was saddened all over again at the loss of this young woman during a festive event. I know her family is devastated, but I don't think suing everyone will bring them closure.

Jen A. Miller said...

My thoughts exactly.

caite said...

I am certainly not going to yell. No, I agree with you.

This was not a kid where it might be a bit more understandable to blame others, but a grown woman, who made her own bad decisions that ended very sadly, in a bad way.