Sunday, February 24, 2008

Down the Shore with...Elizabeth McGlinn

When I got an email from the ladies at Atlantic Creations, I was intrigued. What a great idea! They create shore-themed gift baskets for any number of occassions, all of which you can check out on their website.

I emailed Rev. Elizabeth McGlinn, a partner in Atlantic City, to see what was up. She's a life-long shore gal, and, without further adou, this week's "Down the Shore with..." interviewee.

1. What do you consider 'your' shore town and why?
I actually have three towns that I have to consider as “my” shore towns. From the age of 11 until two years after college, I lived in Cape May for a total of eight years. Then, as a young adult and new mom I lived in Wildwood Crest for seven years. Currently, I have been a resident of Brigantine for the past 27 years. And I have loved living in each! On another note, as a wedding officiate who does beach ceremonies all along the Jersey Coast, I can actually say each town that I “celebrate love in” is my shore town for that day!

2. Some people go down the shore just to eat. What are your favorite spots?
With all the new dining venues at The Pier, The Quarter, and all the casinos, (and I have had great meals in each one!) I could not pick a “favorite.” You can pick a theme or cuisine and truly find a great restaurant, (casino and non-casino) in Atlantic City to accommodate your desires! I have to say that I am spoiled when it comes to having sampled so many fine fares, one of the benefits of networking groups, local associations and being involved with so many great women’s groups!

3. As someone who lives there, how different is Brigantine from Atlantic City?
Brigantine’s motto, on their signage as you drive in, is “An island you’ll love for life”, and I have to say I believe that. Having lived in Cape May and Wildwood, witnessing the huge influx of summer tourists there as well as in all the other shore communities I visit or work in, to me, a most wonderful aspect of Brigantine is that it is a shore town, without the typical “resort” features. With very few commercial businesses, as well as the fact that no one drives through Brigantine to get to another town, there is not the huge influx of seasonal tourism or traffic, only the increase of summer vacationing homeowners and their families. As a shore town, with a true small community feeling year round, we sit quietly along the ocean, with uncrowded beaches that rival the best.

4. Tell me about Atlantic Creations.
Atlantic Creations LLC is a Woman’s Certified, hospitality and specialty gift basket business featuring our custom-made, “Taste of the Jersey Shore” hospitality gift. Working together as professional bridal consultants and event planners my partner, Mari Dattolo and I listened to the needs of brides, couples and corporate clients who were looking for a unique hospitality gift for their guests. We designed our “Taste of the Jersey Shore” gift to fulfill those needs, and other markets are joining in to utilize this great gift.

This ideal piece combines the favorite tastes from the Jersey Shore, including seashore lemonade, salt water faffy, peanut brittle, caramel popcorn, and candy coated, chocolate dipped pretzels. We have even included a postcard from the area and a bottle opener for convenience, and it’s all beautifully hand wrapped in our reusable, custom gift box. This concept combines the best of a beautiful gift basket with the compactness of a powerfully delicious gift. The beverages and snacks for two make them ideal as a welcome amenity in a hotel room or bed and breakfast. Destination and area brides enjoy surprising their out of town guests with a gift in their rooms, just as hotels like having them on hand for their VIP Service and overnight packages. They work well to appease a disgruntled guest, to show appreciation for a job well done or to say thank you for a new idea presented. They also make the perfect closing gift for a new home at the shore, and as an alternative to wine for your next dinner party host or hostess gift!

We’ve brought the ease of online ordering together with unique, quality selections and value pricing, to one location where you know who is behind the screen, and what we represent in customer service. We truly believe a giving heart knows joy, and our goal is to not only enhance the experience of a guest, client or recipient, but to also enhance our customer’s joy of giving!

5. How long have you been in business?
Atlantic Creations, LLC was newly formed in November of 2007, becoming a Certified Women’s Business in January. We are currently awaiting our trademark for our signature gift 'A Taste of the Jersey Shore.” As Mari and I have over 60 years of combined experience in the hospitality, wedding, event planning and customer service fields, we have been “in the business” for many years!

6. Any new things in 2008 that we should know about?
We are excited to be growing and look forward to fulfilling the needs of our many markets with business depending upon referral business more than ever, companies competing for repeat business, couples looking for a meaningful way to welcome and thank their out-of-town guests,and when, in our hurried, stress-filled lives, feeling appreciated means more today than ever, providing a hospitality or thank you gift is the perfect way to accomplish fulfilling those needs and goals.

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