Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toon Town

So did I mention that I have a ridiculously talented brother? Well, I have three ridiculously talented siblings, but my older brother, Jim Miller, not only designed my website but also did the maps for my book. He's an illustrator, too, and is drawing a cartoon Jen that will go with the official "Down the Shore with Jen" website -- which he, of course, is making.

What you see here is the prototype for the Jen cartoon. Isn't she lovely? She's a much...sleeker version of the original Jen cartoon, which I think Jim drew circa 2000. She had an adams apple. Much improved.

For more of Jim's designs, check out

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Terry Finley said...

It looks like you have a nice blog and a nice book out. Thanks.
I have three children who are way smarter than their parents and often too smart for themselves.

Terry Finley

Trish Ryan said...

How cute! And nice of your bro to leave out the adam's apple in the updated edition :)