Friday, February 15, 2008

Up the Shore with Jen

On Tuesday, I went to Monmouth county, which I consider North Jersey, but some might call central, for two meetings. The first was to tour the new construction a Jersey Shore University Medical Center (I write the marketing materials for L.F. Driscoll, Co., the general contractor building the building). I thought standing at the top of the Cape May Light House in January was cold. That was a beach stroll in the summer compared to Tuesday. I think the wind chill put the temperature at -5 degrees. I was even wearing work boots and a Carhartt jacket, but after I toured the site and got back inside, a few of the office folks on the jobsite were urging me to have some coffee and tea. Brr.

I was also in the area to interview Amy Hill Hearth, which I wrote about on my book blog.

It's a nice area, and it seems much more year round than the towns of the South Jersey shore, though their condo development projects look like massive apartment blocks rather than duplexes. Plus, this area is much closer to New York City, which makes it a viable year round option for people working in NYC.

Still cold, though. I don't know how people are going to get through tomorrow's Sea Isle City Polar Bear plunge. For me, it would take a little peer pressure and a lot of liquid courage. Actually, I think that's what works for a lot of people. Check out this video from last year's event. Weird. And cold.

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