Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Old School Signing!

Get out your calendars! Jen's got another signing. I'm happy to announce that the Friends of the Haddonfield Public Library will be hosting me -- and selling copies of my book, of course -- on May 6 at 7pm. It'll be held at the Haddonfield Public Library) or, if there's a big enough response, Borough Hall.

Why is this old school? Because I am a proud graduate of Haddonfield Memorial High School. Even if I did take more science classes than English while a student at HMHS, it's where I learned the basics of writing. Maybe I'll peg my jeans for the occasion...er, maybe not.

This event will also be the first signing in the Philadelphia area -- the day after the book comes out no less, so I hope we'll get a good crowd (bonus point if the Haddonfield Bulldawg mascot shows!)

When I have more details, I'll post them here. And here's a quick reminder about the other signings I've got lined up so far:

May 3: Sun Rose Words and Music in Ocean City, as part of Ocean City's Spring Block Party. This is the first place you'll be able to buy the book (2 days before it'll be available everywhere else)
June 5: Barnes & Noble in Marlton, as part of Rutgers University Camden's Cappuccino Academy. I'll be talking about how to write about your own back yard. Starts at 7:30pm.
June 14: Robert Jay's Unforgettables in Collingswood, as part of Collingswood's Second Saturday event. I think we'll kick things off around 7:30pm, but that's not quite final yet.
June 21: Harbor Fest in Cape May. Not sure of location or time, but I've been asked to be part of the festival and of course I said yes.

I thought about posting an embarassing high school-era picture of me for fun, but, well, it's been a long day, and why subject myself to that? So this picture of 16-year-old Jen will have to do:

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Mike said...

Just perused through your blog... good stuff! Keep up the great writing. It's amazing how much there is to write about just on South Jersey alone. (Who knew!?!)

Thanks for checking into southjerseyplaces.com, by the way. I appreciate your patronage! I'll be sure to stop by your blog frequently.

See ya 'round SoJo...