Monday, February 4, 2008

Event: National Book Critics Circle Does Good Reads in Philadelphia

Excuse me for a moment as I step into my "book reviewer" shoes...

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, mark February 27 on your calendar because the National Book Critics Circle is bringing the critics and authors to you.

On February 27, we'll be chatting about who's reading what now, why reviews are important, and the finalists for this NBCC 2007 book prize.

This event is being sponsored by Joseph Fox Bookshop and Friends Select (and moderated by, well, me!)

The details: February 27 at Friends Select (17th and Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia). We kick things off at 7pm. Panelists right now are me and Frank Wilson (book review editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer) and Kermit Roosevelt (author of In the Shadow of the Law: A Novel. We'll be adding a few more people shortly -- just have to finalize the details. Hope to see you there (and pass this long along!)

This is one of 15 such discussions being held around the country. To read more, check out the National Book Critics Circle blog here.

And to bring this completely full circle, Joseph Fox Bookshop will be selling my book when it comes out in May. See? I knew I could relate it to the shore.

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