Monday, February 11, 2008

Vote for the South Jersey Shore!

You know you love the South Jersey shore -- now let everyone else know it by clicking here to vote for your favorite shore town. You can name your top town in four different categories: family vacation, tourism, ectourism, and shore events.

Since this isn't the Oscars and I can say how I voted, here's which towns I picked for each category, and why:

Family Vacation, Ocean City: Ocean City is a dry town -- a completely dry town. You can't even BYO to restaurants. That's not to say people don't drink (Night in Venice anyone?) but this no alcohol thing puts families at ease, and rightfully so. The Boardwalk is one of the best in the country, too, and the town offers lots of things for the entire family to do.
Tourism, Cape May: What isn't there to do in Cape May? Aside from that whole Victorian thing, there's an alapca farm, a concrete ship, a diamond beach, birding, fab shopping and an entire inn dedicated to dogs.
Ecotourism, Stone Harbor: Stone Harbor has been going green since before Al Gore did or did not invent the internet. In 1947, the town created a bird sanctuary and heronry, which is still on the island today (111-117 St. and Second and Third Ave.) In 1970s, they ran a “Save the Point” beach preservation campaign, and the Wetlands Institute, which saves terrapin turtles from traffic (and even harvests eggs from victims in season) and educates about the ecosystems of the shore, opened in 1972. 1972!
Shore Events, Wildwood: You gotta give it to Wildwood -- they throw great parties. I went to Irish Festival in the fall and had a blast. There's more family friend events, too, including the Fabulous 50s weekend, International Kite Festival, a marbles tournament that celebrates its 85th year in 2008. Weekly fireworks put them over the top to get my vote.

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hammer said...

Sea Isle City all the way!

Steve said...

Irish Fest is in NORTH Wildwood - different town (and people) . . . somewhat.

Jen A. Miller said...

Hammer -- gee, I wonder why you would pick Sea Isle?

Steve -- I know. I wanted to vote for "The Wildwoods," but they make you pick one. Figured that "Wildwood" would stand out to most people, yes?

Michelle Jeffers said...

There's an alpaca farm?! I didn't know that until right now...I really need your book! =)

Jen A. Miller said...

Michelle - There is! It's one of the coolest things I 'found' while researching the book!

Mork said...

I'm sad you left out Beach Haven! I grew up there and just adore it. Plus - come on, the annual Chowder Fest is the greatest!