Friday, May 9, 2008


This month, I'm part of a blogathon called "Blog a Day in May," which means that me and a team of freelancers have said that we're going to post every single day (which has made me more consistent on this blog at least). Here's who else is playing along. Enjoy!

  • Bike with Jackie

  • Carl's Liver Transplant

  • Champion of My Heart

  • Choose Your Words Wisely

  • Christie's Corner

  • Claudine M. Jalajas

  • Embrace Adventure

  • Film Gecko

  • Fit in Real Life

  • I Breathe; Therefore, I Write

  • I'm Too Young to be a Woman This Old

  • The Lacrosse Blog

  • The Lean Green Family

  • Living in Season

  • Marijke: Nurse Turned Writer

  • The Metro Man

  • Only Laura

  • Parenting by Trial and Error

  • Peace of Mind Organizing

  • Politophile

  • The Renegade Writer

  • What Came Down Today

  • WordCount
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