Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best Jersey beach? You'll find out soon...

Back in February, I blogged about a survey put out by the New Jersey Marine Science Consortium about 'what's the best New Jersey beach.' It prompted some interesting discussion.

The results will be released on May 22, and Jacqueline L. Urgo wrote a nice wrap up of what it all means in today's Philadelphia Inquirer. You can read that here.

I still pick Ocean City as having the best shot of any South Jersey beach -- no offense to the other towns, but Ocean City has a big fan base with people who would vote in the poll. But I wouldn't count out Central and North Jersey folks. I've been spending some time with Central/North Jersey people, and they're as fiercly loyal as we are about our beaches.

And, yes, we really do act like two states. I've written about Steve Chernoski's North/South Jersey project on the blog before, and some of the points he raises in his documentary are brought up in Urgo's article. I laughed out loud at the quote about Eagles/Giants because he nailed that one right on the head. He's really on to something.

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