Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes...

So I headed back down to the shore today to see what the place looked like after the storm. Turns out, not too bad. Sure, some of the streets were still wet and slightly flooded, but overall, it was a nice morning to be down the shore.

Same spot where I took the picture of that turtle sandbox cover submerged yesterday:

And here's the turtle:

A flooded lot nearby:

Same stairs from yesterday:

It wasn't so much about what washed up on shore (a lot of shells) but also what washed away (a lot of sand):

I had three goals today: get shells, Shriver's salt water taffy and Johnson's Popcorn. I got all three -- sort of. While there were a lot of shells, most of them were broken. I ended finding a stock of sea rocks around 15th street in Ocean City. They were everywhere for about one block, and that was it. Very pretty:

Fun day, but a short one down the shore. Back to work for me!

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