Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going to the Chapel...

...or Peter Shields Inn. Whatever works for you.

I'm typing at you from Cape May, which was the site of not one, not two, not three, but NINE weddings today (that according to the president of the Chamber of Commerce). I'm here for my dad's wedding...which didn't even happen today. He took his trip down the aisle last night.

Though I wouldn't have minded a wedding today. The weather was gorgeous. I spent most of the day by the pool at Congress Hall (in a bikini I got for $10 at the Cape May sidewalk sale -- SWEET). Yesterday, though, it poured. And I'm not talking cats and dogs poured, I'm talking about the ocean falling down on your head poured.

My dad and his new wife had wanted to get married on the beach. Thank goodness they had a backup plan of getting married in the dining room at Peter Shields. My poor dad got soaked just from going from the car to the inn. We had to use a blow dryer to make him presentable

I managed to stay dry, though:

It was a lovely ceremony. Here's a few wedding pictures:

Me and my siblings:

We hit the Brown Room at Congress Hall after. By the time they started buying tequilla shots, I hit the hay. Here's my little brother getting into a picture:

Today I did exactly what I set out to do: exactly nothing. Hoping to catch some zzzz's before my drive to Asbury Park tomorrow morning. There's a wedding going full swing downstairs, though. Might have to try to pop in ;-)

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RDHolt said...

Nice day. Some of the most successful days you can have involve doing exactly nothing. Best of luck to your dad and his wife.