Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm Number One!

In New Jersey, that is.

Here's the thing about Amazon. It's great -- really. I dig it. But because it updates its sales ranks every hour, it's very easy for a new author to become obsessed with his or her sales ranking.

I've been pretty good about not checking it too often, but I did click in this evening. I had a good day media wise -- I was on KYW 1060 News Radio twice, and on So I figured, hey I might be doing well.

Well, I was. I finally beat out Weird New Jersey. And everything other book about NJ, it seems.

I'm not gloating. I'm sure this will change by tomorrow, but at least for this evening, I'm at the top of the heap. And that's fun :-)

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iconjohn said...

Congrats and if I don't get to a book signing, which I should, I'll tell friends it's on Amazon. Bring on those summer thermals from the South while Philly is sweltering.

Matt Katz said...

wow, that is so fucking awesome!