Sunday, May 18, 2008

Must Read: Lovehampton

Friday's Philadelphia Inquirer featured my picks for summer beach reads. If you're a 20 or 30-something in a house with 12 of your closest friends this summer, you MUST read Sherri Rifkin's LoveHampton. Here's what I wrote in the Inquirer:

"Replace "Hampton" with "Avalon," and you've got your typical thirtysomething's Jersey Shore house, complete with roommate spats, romances and that one too-young person eager to prove she's mature enough to hang with the crowd. The plot's a little silly and very predictable, but Love Hampton is still a fun, funny ride."

I wrote a longer review on my Book a Week with Jen blog, which you can read here.

Obviously, the book doesn't take place down the shore, but so much of what happens is typical, especially that rule about not hooking up with your roommates -- a rule that's always broken. I laughed at a lot of spots in the book, and you might, too.

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Jess Riley said...

Ooh, must check this out! That looks very fun.