Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prediction: Top 5 Songs of the Summer

Every summer has it's 'song.' Down the shore, it's the one they'll play at the height of the night at those party hardy bars, like The Princeton, The OD and Keenans. Last year, it was Timbiland's "Way I Are" (the song with that "I ain't got a motorboat but I can float your boat" line). Here's my prediction for the top five soon-to-be-annoying songs of the Jersey Shore.

5. "Take You There" by Sean Kingston. I know, I know -- it's a little bit older, but it wasn't around last summer, and the theme of taking you away and sipping drinks that require little umbrellas will hit home with the Miller light pounding crowd. Nevermind that the Jersey Shore isn't tropic -- it won't matter for the same reason people have no problem using palm trees in their shore homes.

4."Beat It" by Fall Out Boy. Gotta give one to the gentlemen -- not that ladies will hate the song, but I have a feeling it'll be more popular with guys, especially as a break to over-produced songs that will dominate. It's a catchy cover and Michael Jackson songs are always popular down the shore.

3. "4 Minutes" by Madonna and Justin Timberlake. It's a good song, a really good song, and it's catchy with a good beat. It won't be as overblown as SexyBack (which you'll still hear throughout the summer), but a nice loud one to put on to get people moving.

2. "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. A slow song? Not quite -- you'll hear a techno-ized version of this "I have a broken heart" song. It's a downer, right? That's exactly why it'll be so popular, especially with the ladies. When it comes on, every recently dumped woman, or that friend you have who keeps going back to the same dirtbag, is going to stop and get sad. Maybe she'll cry. There's always crying drunk girls in the bathrooms, and this is the song that'll them over the edge. They'll also take it as a 'sign' to text said dirtbag. I'm not making fun of these women -- I was there myself -- but this song is what'll send them to the bar or the bathroom, or both.

1. "Damaged" by Danity Kane. Song for the same crowd, but for those at the "I got my heart broken but I'm over it and I want to stick my tongue down your throat" stage, even if they're NOT over it and could revert back to song #2 status at the drop of a hat (or a text message). It's going to spur new hook ups all over the Jersey Shore. Boys, take note: this would be the time to make your move.

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Matt said...

hey jen-- we going to see you in sea isle on saturday? we have 400 athletes lined up to do the triathlon-- and hopefully some media (have any contacts ;-)

we still have room for you! And, if you want, you can be one of our runners, escorting an injured Marine, competing in a wheelchair.