Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For a Fellow Writer

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I know I did, but I came back to my desk to hear some horrible news: Brian Hickey, freelance writer and former editor at the Philadelphia City Paper, was involved in a hit and run a few blocks from my home on Friday night. He is in critical condition at Cooper University Hospital and not in the best of shape, though he is fighting hard for his life. You can read all the details here.

Why post this here? Because we need your help. The authorities believe Brian was hit at the corner of North Atlantic and West Linden Avenues in Collingswood around 10:10pm on Friday night. Given where that road is, I'm guessing that someone came out of the PATCO parking lot, onto North Atlantic, and hit Brian while he was walking home from Fischer's back to PATCO.

If you or anyone you know lives in that area or was near that area, please please please think about or ask them to think about when they were there and what they saw.

Brian's wife, Angela Klem, who is keeping us updated on Brian's facebook page, wrote "People need to think about whether they were out with any friends/colleagues that night who park at that lot and may have been arriving at the station around 10:10pm. They could be the driver or even another passenger on the train may have seen a car heading in the direction of N. Atlantic. This information would also be helpful for the police and it's anonymous to call it in."

So pass this around to anyone you know who might have been in the area. It's a horrible thing to have happened, and I hope they find whoever did this to a wonderful human being.

**UPDATE**There's going to be a beef and beer for Brian and his wife on December 12. Click here for details.

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