Monday, December 8, 2008

Kindle and the Start of Shore 2009

Part 1: Hey, high tech friends! My book is now available on Kindle, Amazon's wireless reading device. I'd read a lot about a Kindle but never seen one -- maybe now I'll see my book on one!

Part 2: Yes, Shore 2009 has started in the offices of Jen A. Miller. Well, it started a few months back when I started negotiating articles with editors. I just turned in the first shore article I'll have running in 2009 -- my 758th version of the "What's New it Atlantic City" article.

Now, I'm not complaining. At all. But I have done the piece before, and with four other articles due by Wednesday, I needed some help. Solution? A custom Atlantic City dance party. Well, the mix was custom made for, but it turned into a one person (then one person plus one dog) dance party. After I turned in the article, I spent a half hour dancing around my house to the mix. And lemme tell you, there's nothing quite like a white girl in sweats and a t-shirt dancing around with her dog. It's so awesome that I closed all the blinds in my house lest I rend a neighbor star struck.

And guess what? The mix is STILL GOING. Check it out if you need a lift like I did.

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1 comment:

stephaniecarr said...

i have to say ... quite an inspiring playlist!!! and i spent the evening dancing around with my two cats ... maybe we should start a serious dance partay!! lol